Friday, June 25, 2010

shabby chic victorian cottage in the catskill mountains

Ok, so I admit it's a bit "girly" but I am a girl, so I love it. The surroundings, the house, everything.
Look at this front view:
Click the picture for the article in the NY Times

This was originally a hunting cabin in the Catskill mountains. The woman in the picture, Sandra Foster, renovated the whole thing for the cost of about $3000.00, furniture included. 
For more pictures, there is a link in the article to follow to see the inside, surrounding areas and to learn more about Ms. Foster and her husband.  You can also click the following photograph.

 (I even like the idea that the bedroom is all hers!)  Another small space I could call home, except for the missing heat and bathroom...fix that and I'm IN!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

found the perfect table!

Well, almost perfect. It's the perfect size and height...absolutely perfect in that way.
I picked it up for a sweet 10 bux at the local thrift store. It could use a refinishing and a good sanding, to smooth out a nick or two, but it'll do the trick.
Living in an RV, I don't need it to be too fancy...not in this RV anyway...maybe the next one.

Unfortunately, I also learned that the printer is up at my MIL's so it will be a while still, before I have that in place.

I'll post a picture of it later. Thrift stores rock!

Monday, March 15, 2010

unexpected guests?

This is a cute little number that doubles as an ottoman by day into evening and when you need an extra bed, it folds open to become a comfy bed!  I have used those inflatable Aerobeds that are famous for being the height of a real bed, though there aren't, and I can never get warm enough to sleep. For some, the Aerobed is a great solution since they prefer cooler temps for sleeping.

It's possible that I might appreciate an Aerobed in the heat of summer...oh wait, it was Las Vegas in September! Nevermind. Even a blanket to sleep on wasn't enough. But THIS little bed would be warm and cozy. It's quite a bit more narrow than a traditional twin bed - 9 inches actually - and only an inch longer than a traditional twin. Still, a good solution to have an extra bed around in a studio apartment, dorm room or even a den. Look!
As a Bed
As an ottoman

Pretty cool!
For my purposes, it would be great to have a couple of ottomans for putting our feet up at the end of the day, and all the while, I'd know I could handle a couple more overnight guests than are supplied with the built in sleep areas within my home.

Once again, you can find it here:

I realize I've posted a bunch of items from this company. I assure you all, I am not affiliated in any way. I just received a catalog and realized there would be some great stuff in there for me to mention here. So there you have it. I suppose there will be other posts from this catalog company as I did see a couple other items I'm thinking about, but then, another catalog might arrive with great ideas too.

Do you have some favorite sites/catalogs like Improvements for me to check out? Would love to know about them!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

the coolest little table ever!

I found the perfect table for the next trailer we own. When we have that sweet fifth wheel, I shall tell them to keep their dining room table and replace it with this sweet little space saving gem!

It will live against a wall - perhaps beneath a sunny window - when not in use and it will be so perfect! See?

And when it's time to enjoy dinner or something that requires a little more table space, I'll open it up and do this:
And if we have more company, I'll get the 2 extra FOLDING chairs and the two extra leaves out of the "basement" storage and do this!
What style I choose depends entirely upon the interior decor of the fifth wheel. I like them both equally. Pretty neat, huh? This would work really well in a studio apartment too. 

What do you think?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

green candlelight


Ok, living in a trailer, it's sometimes a bit scary to have open flame around the house, even if it is romantic, pretty or just gives a festive feel to entertaining.  I had to find a solution to that problem but then I saw this and while the disposable ones last a long time, this one just seems more responsible to me.
If you've never tried these, I hope you will. Burning wax isn't the best thing for your health or the environment - where did you think that wax goes???  I wasn't big on artificial candlelight, but I picked up some GE battery powered artificial candles back in 2008 to use to make the rustic ladies restroom at the park into a less rustic and more inviting space for women to check their makeup and it was just another nice touch to add to the specialness of the day. (The purse hooks we hung up are still on the stall walls! More on those hooks in a future post.)  I went up the hill in my gown to use the facilities and I was so impressed with the ambient glow of those little lights. They really do flicker like candlelight. I was impressed and so were so many of the ladies who weren't even attending the wedding festivities - just enjoying a day at the park. I was so happy for them to enjoy it too. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the restrooms. Our photographer was male. :)

These little cuties are rechargeable. Again, a solution best left on the shelf until I have a basement area to set this up and then I can have some charging while using the others. These only last 12 hours, and I'm absolutely certain the GE disposables (though you can replace the batteries) last a lot longer than that. This is simpler than replacing the batteries and can be put out of site. I think it's a good solution!

You can also pick these up at

Monday, March 8, 2010


I first learned about these on the Radiant Organizing blog - a great blog with useful tips on getting, and staying organized.

DOTZ  are a colorful little clamp on, easy to use, cord organizing solution. Preprinted labels - picture labels, so it doesn't matter what language is spoken, anyone can figure these out - are included with a set.

When you move things around a lot, (disconnect the flatscreen and put it safely on the bed so it won't topple on a hard right turn) it's useful to have a "map" rather than starting all over again: Where does the DVD cable go? what's this one? How come I have an extra cable??? :-D

This is a simple idea but makes so much sense! Check them out! These are also available at Improvements.

managing mail

The husband and I get a lot of mail. Seems it's an unending stream of paper coming in and not so much going out. I have as many things coming to us as "paperless" as I can, yet still, we are indated with wood pulp.

We used to have a multi purpose printer/scanner/fax/copier in the house but after moving a couple times, the husband decided we "didn't need it." I continue to sing the ballad of "Yes we do and here's why!" Yet, here we are, over a year later...and no printer/scanner/fax/copier here. I am one sad panda, I tell you.

Part of the problem is that we need a table for it. This table must serve well. It must be of a certain measurement - I believe something like 24 inches wide by no more than 14 inches deep - yet not much more shallow either - probably closer to 3 feet tall rather than 2, have no bottom shelf but allow access for our doggie to get to her food and water because those bowls will need to keep their home under that table. If I can just find the right table...I will have my printer back!

I want to scan all this paper and turn it into bits and bytes that we can access when we need to. Back it up in "the cloud" and then shred the actual paper for recycling.

We had an issue with mail piling up on the dinette table or on the mini counter in front of the Television so we purchased some wall pockets which hubby installed for us each on the wall on our sides of the bed. These work pretty well to "catch" incoming mail and paperwork. Still, they get to overflowing due to having no where to really store all that stuff.

I want my printer/scanner/fax/copier back please...pronto. But I need to find the perfect table for it. Any ideas? I've tried so many places!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

storing crutches

Yes, you read that title correctly. I'm currently on crutches and that makes me a very sad person. I don't know yet why it is that I cannot bear weight on my right leg without pain, but tomorrow's MRI will tell all and hopefully the solution is simple, quick and easy.
Heck! I'll go for simple, slow as molasses and easy too. Just keep me out of the "complicated" range. Complicated involves scalpels and sutures and icky stuff like that!

In the meantime, I've been glad to have found a local drugstore that RENTS crutches for $2 USD per day. I would much rather rent them or borrow them than have to purchase yet another pair and then give them to good will or some other place that will use them since I have nowhere to store them and no reason to WANT to.

But there is another way, and if you have an unused pair of crutches, a wheelchair, canes, bathroom safety supplies, and/or perhaps a nursery monitor, blood pressure monitor, or some other reuseable piece of medical equipment, I invite you to do a google search for "loan closet" and your city to see what comes up. If you do get a hit, it's generally from the American Red Cross or a local Hospice service. Both great causes to which you can donate your items. Saves you on storage and also, should you need an item in the future, you can contact them to see if they can loan you what you need.

For me, this completely solves the storage issue while allowing me to give something back to the community. After my mother died back in 1989, we donated everything we'd purchased for her comfort to the hospice care that helped us care for her. That included a baby/nursery monitor. So you never know what they may have that might help you out in your time of need.

Times are tough for many, and those folks still get hurt and need crutches or wheels...$50 for a pair of crutches is affordable to many, but too many have to give up some food or heat to be able to buy them. So donate items or cash to your local American Red Cross. They do so much more than just disaster relief.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

yes, I could live here!

I saw this a few weeks back and thought to myself, "I could totally do this for a couple years!"

Not permanently, no way...but to live in NYC near Central Park amidst the hubbub and a tiny, easy to manage very, very cool!

175 square feet of bliss for 2-3 years...yeah, I'm into it.

I would change a few things: I LOVE wine, but I'd replace the wine rack with an armoir for closet space. I wouldn't have cats (allergic) and I'd install one of those slick, over-the-toilet cabinet racks. Jef and I both work on laptops using online tools for storage of data and I do like the idea of a wall monitor for viewing movies and hulu shows. :)

The biggest challenge would be finding the right way to hang the guitar and the keyboard on the wall for easy access when needed and out-of-the-way decorative storage when not needed.

Didn't think I could ever want to go smaller than my current living space...but you know what they say: Location, Location, Location!

nail polish storage

Sorry for the wonky post, I've been trying to get this one posted for an hour now...IE keeps freezing up so, I'm doing it MY way, and will start the way IE wanted me to ANOTHER time. :p

On to the post for today:

Since I've recently re-ignited my interest in nail polish/nail art thanks to the wonderful technology that is "quick dry top coats," I need a workable option to store all these bottles in one place and in a neat, organized fashion.

A couple weekends ago, I headed out in search of such a solution and after hours of wandering the storage section of my local Kmart, finding shoe storage boxes that tapered or had grooves I didn't need, I happened upon the special "Christmas decor storage" section.

See, I was looking for something truly squared at all corners and flat on the bottom. Stackable was definitely a necessity as adding on to the stack in the future was a great possiblity...(I think I have room for three tiers. LOL!)

I turned the corner and found THIS:

So perfect for my space, and each level comes with cardboard inserts to create sections, but you can purchase plastic inserts as well.

You can find more information here:

I still have room in the second tier and will be getting some of the plastic inserts (using cardboard for now)...I need to be able to have one tier just for nail art supplies eventually, so I may end up with 2 of these complete boxes as that is what will fit in the spot under my couch.
I was hoping these would fit inside the small closet on my side of the bed, but alas! they are just a bit too wide to fit through the door opening. They'd fit well once inside, but getting them in and out would involve tipping them on their side. NOT a good idea when dealing with glass bottles. :(
So, I'll use this solution until they make one just a bit slimmer - yes, I've asked them to make one. In the meantime, I have a workable container and place to keep my "stash!"
What storage options do you use for your hobby(ies)?