Saturday, January 9, 2010

nail polish storage

Sorry for the wonky post, I've been trying to get this one posted for an hour now...IE keeps freezing up so, I'm doing it MY way, and will start the way IE wanted me to ANOTHER time. :p

On to the post for today:

Since I've recently re-ignited my interest in nail polish/nail art thanks to the wonderful technology that is "quick dry top coats," I need a workable option to store all these bottles in one place and in a neat, organized fashion.

A couple weekends ago, I headed out in search of such a solution and after hours of wandering the storage section of my local Kmart, finding shoe storage boxes that tapered or had grooves I didn't need, I happened upon the special "Christmas decor storage" section.

See, I was looking for something truly squared at all corners and flat on the bottom. Stackable was definitely a necessity as adding on to the stack in the future was a great possiblity...(I think I have room for three tiers. LOL!)

I turned the corner and found THIS:

So perfect for my space, and each level comes with cardboard inserts to create sections, but you can purchase plastic inserts as well.

You can find more information here:

I still have room in the second tier and will be getting some of the plastic inserts (using cardboard for now)...I need to be able to have one tier just for nail art supplies eventually, so I may end up with 2 of these complete boxes as that is what will fit in the spot under my couch.
I was hoping these would fit inside the small closet on my side of the bed, but alas! they are just a bit too wide to fit through the door opening. They'd fit well once inside, but getting them in and out would involve tipping them on their side. NOT a good idea when dealing with glass bottles. :(
So, I'll use this solution until they make one just a bit slimmer - yes, I've asked them to make one. In the meantime, I have a workable container and place to keep my "stash!"
What storage options do you use for your hobby(ies)?


Tropical Mind said...

Those are really cool containers! Perfect idea! I think I showed you pics of my nail polish stash - I can't remember. I have 2 Sterlite rolling 3 drawer consoles from Walmart. They are like $7 each so really cheap. I am a long way from filling them up, but liked the idea of having 6 different large drawers so that I could sort by brand =)

~Elizabeth said...

You did! I think you posted it in the Nail Polish Collectors photo album. I was impressed that you had a "dedicated space" for your art. :)

Ambu said...

I use sterilite storage as well, it's usually pretty perfect and cheap. I currently am trying to use a small drawer set for your desktop though I'm going to have to upgrade once I get more space. I started out with the 7 quart shoeboxes ( ) they're tall enough that the polish can stand upright though the bottom has an indent in the center that raises a bit so the polish doesn't stand straight up easily. They are quite spacious though and they stack but they are still pretty small, only the size of a shoebox. You can get 14 for $20, can't beat that!