Saturday, January 9, 2010

yes, I could live here!

I saw this a few weeks back and thought to myself, "I could totally do this for a couple years!"

Not permanently, no way...but to live in NYC near Central Park amidst the hubbub and a tiny, easy to manage very, very cool!

175 square feet of bliss for 2-3 years...yeah, I'm into it.

I would change a few things: I LOVE wine, but I'd replace the wine rack with an armoir for closet space. I wouldn't have cats (allergic) and I'd install one of those slick, over-the-toilet cabinet racks. Jef and I both work on laptops using online tools for storage of data and I do like the idea of a wall monitor for viewing movies and hulu shows. :)

The biggest challenge would be finding the right way to hang the guitar and the keyboard on the wall for easy access when needed and out-of-the-way decorative storage when not needed.

Didn't think I could ever want to go smaller than my current living space...but you know what they say: Location, Location, Location!

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