Monday, March 8, 2010


I first learned about these on the Radiant Organizing blog - a great blog with useful tips on getting, and staying organized.

DOTZ  are a colorful little clamp on, easy to use, cord organizing solution. Preprinted labels - picture labels, so it doesn't matter what language is spoken, anyone can figure these out - are included with a set.

When you move things around a lot, (disconnect the flatscreen and put it safely on the bed so it won't topple on a hard right turn) it's useful to have a "map" rather than starting all over again: Where does the DVD cable go? what's this one? How come I have an extra cable??? :-D

This is a simple idea but makes so much sense! Check them out! These are also available at Improvements.

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SBBeaglelvr said...

so cool. I have such a tangle of wires. I sit at my desk and they are like an octopus attacking my feet!