Friday, June 25, 2010

shabby chic victorian cottage in the catskill mountains

Ok, so I admit it's a bit "girly" but I am a girl, so I love it. The surroundings, the house, everything.
Look at this front view:
Click the picture for the article in the NY Times

This was originally a hunting cabin in the Catskill mountains. The woman in the picture, Sandra Foster, renovated the whole thing for the cost of about $3000.00, furniture included. 
For more pictures, there is a link in the article to follow to see the inside, surrounding areas and to learn more about Ms. Foster and her husband.  You can also click the following photograph.

 (I even like the idea that the bedroom is all hers!)  Another small space I could call home, except for the missing heat and bathroom...fix that and I'm IN!