Tuesday, May 3, 2011

blog changes/refocus of purpose

So I'm revamping the blog a little.  I'm still going to feature ideas for living simply in a small space because I am passionate about keeping my footprint on this earth down to something from which it can easily recover.

But there is more to living Simple Symmetry than just the space one occupies...there is the space one is occupied BY. The space within.  Our purpose, values, ideas...and dealing with the everyday messiness of the mind.

I've been doing a ton of reading/studying/self-reflection and I need a space to write about this facet of my life along with other "simple life" types of things. They all go together in my world.

So I hope you'll all enjoy the changes, the post count should go up now too. I hope you'll weigh in with your own insights and thoughts about what I post. I'm looking forward to learning from a variety of viewpoints!
Photo by Eric Jacobs

Today's epiphany was compliments of BNet  a fantastic sight for all things motivational, business, inspiration and just good stuffs. You have to join, but it's free.  Today I read an article about multitasking and was struck by the last bullet point:

That one hit me right between the eyes!  The whole experience of reading that one bullet point began with some mental finger pointing in the direction of one of the people I deal with on a daily basis. Oh I was righteously indignant and that finger was LONG!  But then, there was this sudden turning of the finger...and I remembered that "silly" thing I learned so many years ago. The things that bug you the most about others are the things you don't like or won't acknowledge about yourself. BINGO! I am so guilty of this, no wonder it derails me when I am on the receiving end.  I'm trying to wake myself up!  

Ok, I'm awake. This week I practice giving others my full attention. This week I practice offering them my respect.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

more small homes

Seems more and more Folks are looking to live simply without unneeded extravagance. I like some of these tiny homes, but not all of them. Which one is your favorite? (click the Picture to go look!)