Wednesday, March 10, 2010

green candlelight


Ok, living in a trailer, it's sometimes a bit scary to have open flame around the house, even if it is romantic, pretty or just gives a festive feel to entertaining.  I had to find a solution to that problem but then I saw this and while the disposable ones last a long time, this one just seems more responsible to me.
If you've never tried these, I hope you will. Burning wax isn't the best thing for your health or the environment - where did you think that wax goes???  I wasn't big on artificial candlelight, but I picked up some GE battery powered artificial candles back in 2008 to use to make the rustic ladies restroom at the park into a less rustic and more inviting space for women to check their makeup and it was just another nice touch to add to the specialness of the day. (The purse hooks we hung up are still on the stall walls! More on those hooks in a future post.)  I went up the hill in my gown to use the facilities and I was so impressed with the ambient glow of those little lights. They really do flicker like candlelight. I was impressed and so were so many of the ladies who weren't even attending the wedding festivities - just enjoying a day at the park. I was so happy for them to enjoy it too. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the restrooms. Our photographer was male. :)

These little cuties are rechargeable. Again, a solution best left on the shelf until I have a basement area to set this up and then I can have some charging while using the others. These only last 12 hours, and I'm absolutely certain the GE disposables (though you can replace the batteries) last a lot longer than that. This is simpler than replacing the batteries and can be put out of site. I think it's a good solution!

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