Monday, March 8, 2010

managing mail

The husband and I get a lot of mail. Seems it's an unending stream of paper coming in and not so much going out. I have as many things coming to us as "paperless" as I can, yet still, we are indated with wood pulp.

We used to have a multi purpose printer/scanner/fax/copier in the house but after moving a couple times, the husband decided we "didn't need it." I continue to sing the ballad of "Yes we do and here's why!" Yet, here we are, over a year later...and no printer/scanner/fax/copier here. I am one sad panda, I tell you.

Part of the problem is that we need a table for it. This table must serve well. It must be of a certain measurement - I believe something like 24 inches wide by no more than 14 inches deep - yet not much more shallow either - probably closer to 3 feet tall rather than 2, have no bottom shelf but allow access for our doggie to get to her food and water because those bowls will need to keep their home under that table. If I can just find the right table...I will have my printer back!

I want to scan all this paper and turn it into bits and bytes that we can access when we need to. Back it up in "the cloud" and then shred the actual paper for recycling.

We had an issue with mail piling up on the dinette table or on the mini counter in front of the Television so we purchased some wall pockets which hubby installed for us each on the wall on our sides of the bed. These work pretty well to "catch" incoming mail and paperwork. Still, they get to overflowing due to having no where to really store all that stuff.

I want my printer/scanner/fax/copier back please...pronto. But I need to find the perfect table for it. Any ideas? I've tried so many places!

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SBBeaglelvr said...

I have a scan snap by fujitsu. the footprint is about 5 inches by 10 inches. it opens to accept the scanning items and then hold them as they scan, but the open parts don't touch a table top. I can scan to pdf, scan to email the item, scan and then print and not save anything at all. there are other functions as well, its easy to use, scans front and back, is smart enough to delet blank pages, and scans various paper sizes. Come over sometime and check it out!